Leadership & Innovation

Leadership & Innovation

We're responsible for big inventions—and our goals are nothing short of inventing the future of the Parking Solutions and creating the next generation of businesses!

At our “Highways & Traffic Management R&D Division” we continue to find new technology innovations that enhance our products value and deliver cutting edge solutions. We are excited to be developing technologies that weave electronics, software, and services into every aspect of our solutions.

Our Research in Parking Solutions is focused on:

  • 1) Vehicle Identification and Classification
  • 2) Machine Vision & Artificial Intelligence Development
  • 3) Human Computer Interaction
  • 4) Fraud and Theft Identification Technologies
  • 5) Communication using GPRS, GSM and RFID Technologies
  • 6) Traffic Display Technologies
  • 7) Dynamic Image Processing

We see a future in which Parking will be based on advanced technologies that integrates GPRS position of vehicles, Traffic Volumes on Roads & Carbon Emission data from individual vehicles – and we look forward for the breakthroughs we’ll make in the years ahead.